A Welsh dairy farmer has said the Government has “left him out dry” after being accused of tampering bovine TB tests.

In 2016, animal health inspectors ordered that 30 of Hefin Owen’s cows were to be slaughtered after tests for bovine TB at his farm.

Mr Owen was then accused of tampering the tests to force a positive result, meaning the Government must pay out compensation for any lost livestock.

The dairy farmer, from Newcastle Emlyn, Ceredigion, was found not guilty of tampering bovine TB tests by Aberystwyth County Court in April earlier this year.

Mr Owen has since lost his milking business in a court case battle which has cost him £250,000.

The farmer told BBC Radio Wales: “There wasn’t any evidence to take it to court. It was devastating for us – especially for the business.

“We were struggling to carry on. They left us without hardly any income really.”

Having received no compensation, Mr Owen has now launched an online crowd funding page to raise £100,000 to pursue the Government through the courts.

The page says: “Your help will help them fight this claim and by fighting Defra to ensure that no other young family will face such a terrible ordeal.”

Source: Farming UK