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LFB Annual Conference 2022


It was fantastic to welcome people back to our Annual Conference and Debate this year!
Thanks to George Thomas and Alec Smith from Sentry Limited for their discussions "Making money from Natural Capital" and "Benchmarking, Sentry Analytics". Also to Emma Wilcock from Accession Rural Wealth Management for discussing Succession Planning. Some really interesting points were raised during the panel discussion on "Should you be handing down your farm now?"  with Gary Markham at the helm! 

Great turnout, great debate and great food!

LFB Conference 2022 - Welcome

Gary Markham  14:18

Making Money out of Natural Capital

George Thomas  23:03


Emma Wilcock  21:35

Benchmarking, Sentry Analytics Variable Costs vs Fixed Costs

Alec Smith  16:40

Q&A-Should you be handing down your farm now?

Gary Markham  14:58

Current topics

Previous topics

Budget 2021

Following on from the Budget any speculated reforms to capital taxes received scant attention albeit with a somewhat ominous postponement of any pain until 2026, therein lies the big unknown. We now await with interest the Treasury’s tax consultation publication which is due on 23rd of March and could provide a greater insight into the thinking on CGT rates, BPR/IHT and pensions. We will keep you posted.

Please click here for a brief Budget overview and as always the team are on hand to discuss any questions you may have in more detail.

Benchmarking Conference February 2021


We are delighted that our online conference held in February 2021 provoked some interesting questions and our guest speakers were happy to respond. 

Although the conference ended on 28 February the following videos are still available 

Diversification – Tax Implications -

Arthey Associates

Groundswell –

Regenerative Agriculture 3 Years On

Joint Ventures? – Decision Matrix

Tax Snippets – Small Steps for Big Wins

Pre Tax Year-end Planning

Guest Emma Wilcock -

Accession Rural Wealth Management

LFB Benchmarking Results

Guest William Tongue - Berrys

No BPS – Rental Levels?  

William Tongue and Gary Markham in discussion



Benchmarking 06-22_jpeg_Page_1.jpg

Groundswell Benchmarking

Teamsheet 2022.jpg

Team Sheet

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Winter 2019

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Tax Rates 2022/2023

Practicetrack 2020 Budget Review (W-7606

2020 Budget Review 

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Spring 2019

Annual Conf 2022_Thumb.jpg

LFB Annual Conference 2022

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LFB Development Update

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Farming Family Future

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Managing the Farming Family

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Tax Rates 2021/2022

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Case Study

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Winter 2020

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LFB Accounts fact sheet

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